Manning, Lamo, Poulsen: The Three Transparent (and incompetent) Stooges.

Bets should be on the likelihood that the backlash is a surprise to the three boys involved. They, all three, through information publicly provided by them, appear to be delusional and self-serving. Subsequently, they can’t realize how transparent they’re becoming.

The naive Bradley Manning didn’t quite conduct himself respectably, professionally, or in a manner that would denote he had true intentions. Given the specifics in what he has said to Lamo, it just doesn’t make sense that he was truly trying to uncover what is without a doubt, a terrible tragedy. Manning wasn’t trying to show the world a tragic murder cover-up of known Reuters employees. He wasn’t trying to show us the gung-ho unprofessional demeanor and impaired judgment of soldiers unable to control their adrenaline-fueled emotions. Instead, he was trying to be cool. And for some foolish reason, he erroneously thought Adrian Lamo was actually respected, and similarly cool enough to confide in. Manning may be the dumbest quasi-whistleblower ever, but nevertheless, what is out now is proving to be good and right.

Manning is himself a fool for thinking someone like Adrian Lamo, a person known to be obsessively self-serving and righteous, would not turn him in. However, Lamo is an even bigger fool. Adrian Lamo is a confused, troubled, attention-infatuated egomaniac. There are plenty of reputable sources with personal accounts that can corroborate this basic summary of Lame-o’s character.

Adrian’s intentions here are absolutely transparent- as they typically are. He’s an ambitious, most manipulative media hound, and it’s clear. What better way to propel his image, as seems to be the goal in his life, than to intertwine himself with an intelligence community scandal in a specially-crafted manner. This was a golden opportunity for him. Manning’s confession was his long-awaited opportunity to finally try and introduce some real IC cred to his amateur experiences. Alas for Adrian, he’s too see-through.

Adrian is trying hard to trick people (government and public) into thinking that he’s not really the same sociopath stalker-type that the police have documented in the past. He’s trying to win over the hard right. He’s trying to convince the feds that he should be regarded as a valuable asset, versus some amateur that claims to have had good intentions as an “ex-hacker”. Before Kevin Poulsen had full coddling privileges over Lamo at Wired, the tech news service themselves ran an in-depth report outlining the unstable and unskilled kid. It wasn’t in Adrian’s favor, and it’s now buried somewhere on Wired’s servers. It’s clear what’s going on here. He’s looking for acceptance and image-superiority.

The actions and Internet activity/history of Adrian Lamo himself depict the fact that he is truly an egomaniacal sociopath that must have his high dose of attention before he can sleep well. Whether it’s his slight moves throughout Wikipedia (even his own change history), his twitter stream, or comments to his beloved media handler: Kevin “I’m a Proven-Highly-Manipulative-Stalker-Type Too” Poulsen, the truth is revealed via logs of his own self-serving actions. It’s perfectly clear. His twitter stream often gives you that feeling where you feel embarrassed for someone else. It’s cringing. You can see hints of this even lately. Look for his tweet about Proxy Hunter, the software tool he used for most of his past network intrusions. The tweet was written in a semi-joking manner, but he wasn’t joking at all. Things like that aren’t a joke to him folks. Because of his embarrassingly exaggerated sense of self-importance, he believes deep down that he increased the visibility of that software title and thus feels the need to joke about it in a way that caresses his ego. It’s laughable…and sad.

Naivety seems to be the theme for Lamo and Manning. Lamo claims he turned Manning in for national security reasons. This explanation wont cut it. Everything is beginning to pile against Adrian. This could have been handled in many other ways. Instead, Adrian conducts a strategic plan to break this news for Poulsen. As soon as the vital real-time moments of this case began to dissipate, with the help of Poulsen, Adrian publicly admits to the media that he was responsible for Manning’s arrest. As if it were something respectable. One would be inclined to think that as a former journalist, and a claimed ex-hacker (much like Poulsen’s path), Adrian would be more sensitive to such issues of secrecy. Did his short time as a journalist not teach him the significant importance of keeping sources confidential? Even though Manning didn’t approach Lamo as a journalist, the values as a past journalist should have kicked in. Issues need to be revealed, but due to various and obvious positioning problems, you can’t always take credit. With Adrian though…hey, he’ll gladly take credit. He even thought it was necessary to put out a press release to convene a press conference for his official response to the breaking news. Who does that?

If Adrian felt bad, he’d stop talking to the media so openly. Why is Adrian talking so much in the first place? Well that’s easy…First, he talked to try and propel his image and secondly, per-backlash, he’s talking to try and preserve his image. Except now, he’s slipping. Even his very latest words to journalists are inconsistent, obviously not well-thought out, and contradictory. His lies are becoming so complex, that he can no longer keep track.

Still, now, Adrian is leaving us with quotes to the media that indicate he is tangled in his own web of lies. Specifically, as seen in a recent article by the BBC, after pitying himself and trying to defend his actions, he goes on to say “I did tell him that I worked as a journalist. I would have been happy to write about him myself, but we just decided that it would be too unethical.” OF COURSE Adrian would be happy to write about Manning himself. It shows clear disregard for the seriousness of this case. It shows Adrian is instead too caught up with his own profiteering to realize the degree of severity that his selfish actions could result in. Adrian said himself that as soon as Bradley Manning gave him the information, that it was a “suicide pact.” And yet he is quoted elsewhere saying that the decision was agonizing. Come on. Adrian has been so deep in his own shit for such a long time, that he can’t smell it anymore. The hacker community knows this.

Adrian says he feels bad and that he agonized over the decision to out Manning. But the truth is, he doesn’t feel bad and he knew right away what he was going to do with this opportunity. And, among other reasons, he says he went public with it because he felt Manning should know who flipped him? Come on, come up with something better. Manning would have known this straight away anyway- whether through logic or Adrian’s testimony in future court hearings. Adrian is a pathological liar.

This so-called ex-hacker likes to recite that “You can calculate the worth of a man by the caliber of his enemies.” That is such classic, expected behavior and response from someone as arrogant as Adrian Lamo.

Nobody in the underground hacker community or the federal government, actually respects Lamo. The people that facilitate his unwarranted image are merely amateurs or victims of manipulation. The people on his Facebook and twitter are merely wanna-bes. And the actual respectable people, from names like Steve Wozniak and 2600 to reputed journalists, that were tricked into believing he’s a good, skillful person, have lost credibility and respect themselves. They were too easily manipulated. There is no real reason to respect this guy. They didn’t do their research. He’s been dismissed by respectable hackers in both the underground and white-hat world. Ranum sniffed the impostor out immediately. How others failed to see sooner, is a shame.

What we’re witnessing here is an active egomaniac. Adrian will try to tie himself to anyone or anything that will make it look like he’s an actual respected hacker with skills. He is not. It is unfortunate that sometimes this truth is overshadowed by his obsessive efforts to increase his image to whatever heights he thinks will make him feel good that day. He does not have aspergers…He’s either been ruined since birth, or from his alleged heavy drug use in the past. Likely a combination of both. He just wants the connotation of the sometimes positive and magical traits that some sufferers of aspergers exhibit. He’s one of those guys that will Google Alert his own name. He reads the comments belonging to all of the article’s he’s been written about in. He probably thinks he’s got a good in with the feds now, but they all know Adrian is a nut-case. They all despise him just as the real hacker community does. The feds love dumb-ass, excitable children like Adrian, as assets. That’s as far as he’ll get. Just another puppet…except he’ll be the one manipulated now. Lamo may be the dumbest quasi-hacker ever, but nevertheless, what is out now is proving to be good and right.

As for Poulsen, it’s documented that he was always the more malicious and manipulative type. It’s still surprising that respectable companies would even tolerate and consider the proximity of someone like him. He’s been known as a weirdo for decades, so there is no point in speculating on his actions in depth. He just doesn’t care about anyone but himself. We can’t give him much credit in the way of weighing out his moral barometer in this latest situation, but Adrian, who is supposed to have meticulous morals as a real hacker does at least manipulate the situation so that this is all questionable. They’re both extremely good at manipulation, but they’re also so deep into themselves. It’s hard for them to see how they’re carrying themselves- and with this comes severe denial.

Kevin Poulsen’s twitter response to Wikileaks shows his ignorance. The question is whether or not he meant to be ignorant. He responded to an issue completely irrelevant from the heart of the Wikileaks tweet. Kevin knew that Wikileaks wasn’t responding to the actual fact that he reported on the arrest. He knew that they were criticizing him for not exercising better judgment as a former hacker and journalist, like Adrian, whose professional philosophies and morals should have over-rided/lent empathy and sensitivity to the situation. Then again, it is known that Poulsen never had any real moral set throughout his years of hacking.

Manning was wrong and reckless. This whole situation is just ugly, and that’s what happens when such shady characters are involved. It’s arguable that what Adrian did was the right thing to do, however, his selfish intent negates any of these positive facts. On the other side, while what Manning leaked was very important and welcomed, he should be disciplined because his selfish intent also negates many potential positives.

Wikileaks hit it right on the head, Adrian Lamo and Kevin Poulsen are both notorious informers and manipulators with no regard for anyone but themselves. The underground hacker community and feds know this. What isn’t known is why/how Kevin and Adrian became so close. They are documented to be very similar- perhaps they saw the same traits in each other, and developed a rapport over such. One wonders if Adrian and Kevin just enjoy the occasional tryst? By the way, where’d Lamo’s wife go?

Adrian Lamo and Kevin Poulsen have both manipulated people on a personal and professional level. Evan Hansen is blind. Adrian Lamo outed more than just Bradley Manning. He outed himself as well.

As someone said of this story before, there is indeed no honor among these three thieves.

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5 Responses to Manning, Lamo, Poulsen: The Three Transparent (and incompetent) Stooges.

  1. apo says:

    I must say I like this article very much. It’s very well written and balanced, good work.
    However, there are two things I must point out. First, writing a blog about some celebrity wannabe such as Adrian just pumps his ego. You see, if you walk into a dog’s excrement, you don’t write about that, you don’t blame the excrement itself. The same should apply to Adrian – he’s just another silly kid, who I never even heard before he appeared as the despicable snitch. Wannabe who knows nothing special, yet has a lot of media attention now. Let’s leave him, forget him. No point in remembering every single dog’s excrement we walked into. Whoever is a snitch like that, deserve nothing. No respect, no mercy. He’s just a pile of crud, and he will be.

    Second thing, I disagree with the last sentence. I do believe what Manning did was a right thing. He stole it? Yes. He broke the law? Yes. Was it a bad deed? No!
    Even if he went all “look at me look at me” later, it doesn’t mean it was the purpose of the leak. I’ve read somewhere that he did it, because he felt this is the right thing to do. And it was the right thing.

  2. Kelly Hallissey says:

    I have to laugh having known Adrian Lamo for 15 years and couldn’t stand him the entire time, hes not just scum of the earth, hes got a bad history with stalking, and sexual experiences with those who were not of legal age. I’m happier than hell people are finally seeing what he truly is.

  3. hey man,

    I’ve been following this case closely and I agree completely, Adrian Lamo lies like a motherfucker.

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